“Now I live in a state of constant fear. I can’t plan anything,” says Peter, 27.

He is a salesman living in St Petersburg – but he is now at risk of being called up to fight as part of the Ukraine war.

At the end of July, Russia raised the maximum conscription age by three years, widening the pool of men that can be called up to serve. Peter is one of millions affected by this change.

Before, all healthy men in Russia aged between 18 and 27 had to serve one year of compulsory military service. Conscription was carried out twice a year.

Now, all men up to 30 years of age can be called up.

“I was going to get a mortgage this year and buy a flat for our family,” Peter tells the BBC. “My wife and I were discussing plans for the future. Now everything is on hold.

“From next January I can be called up to serve and sent to Ukraine. I don’t want to join the army, I don’t want to take part in this war and die for someone else’s goals.”

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